Your Outer Banks Sportfishing Dream

Our Mission

To catch fish and share the excitement and satisfaction that offshore bluewater fishing has to offer whether your dream is to battle a giant Blue Marlin, catch tuna for the grill, or create memories that will last a lifetime.

Tenacity Sportfishing is where talent and determination will make your fishing dreams come true.

Recent Reports

Spring tuna 2019

the yellowfin are here! Now is the time to book. We still have just a few dates left open for May and June.  This is our busiest time of year and we will be fishing everyday the weather allows us to so don’t wait to call us.

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Tournament season

We had what I call a successful tournament season. We did not win any money this year but we fished hard and held our own. We will continue marlin fishing into the first or second week in October or until the yellowfin show up. Here are some pics from the last few...

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Spring fishing at its best

Spring took its sweet time getting here with plenty of wind and cold fronts but she's finally here and so is the fishing. The mahi fishing is as good as it gets at the moment and we are seeing most bigeyes I've seen in my career this far. We do have a handful of dates...

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