Captain & Crew

When the right team of professionals come together, synergies are created and great things start happening.

In March of 2017 Matt Lisagor and Tom Baer decided to combine their skills and talents to created Tenacity Sportfishing. Matt and Tom value family and friends, relationships, determination, and hard work. They are both accomplished fisherman and outdoorsmen who enjoy spending the day chasing blue marlin and other pelagic fish in the Gulf Stream, sitting in a treestand waiting on a big whitetail buck, or just kicking back fishing for speckled trout and puppy drum in the sound. Most importantly for anglers they are determined to make the offshore fishing dreams come true for themselves and others.

The Crew

Tom Baer

Tom Baer


Captain Tom Baer has been fishing offshore and chasing white marlin nearly all of his life. The chase started when he was five years old fishing the canyons located offshore of Ocean City, Maryland. When time allowed, it was not uncommon for Tom and his father to be chasing white marlin in their twenty-five foot Parker. Like many fishing families, Tom is not the first licensed captain in the family tree. Tom’s dad is a professional captain and when he wasn’t running boats for a living, he was passing down his skills to his two sons.

When Tom was twelve, the family left Ocean City, Maryland and purchased a home in Pirates Cove located in Manteo, North Carolina. When Tom was a young boy, it was not uncommon for Tom’s parents to wake up in the morning and find Tom’s bed empty because he got up early, packed his lunch and rode his bike down to the marina. If Tom was lucky and there was room, he would catch a ride offshore on one of the local charter boats where he could learn from some of the best captains and mates on the Outer Banks.

After graduating from high school, Tom became a certified marine diesel mechanic and learned to professionally maintain the boats that he loved to fish on. After working in engine rooms for the next few years and not fishing as much as he would like, Tom returned to the Bluewater and began to professionally fish as a mate. In 2013, Tom earned his captain’s license and started professionally running offshore charters. In addition to fishing up and down the east coast of the United States, Tom has fished the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean Sea, and the Central Pacific. This included many exotic fishing destinations such as Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Curacao, the Virgin Islands, and the Bahamans. Tom now lives in Manns Harbor, North Carolina with his wife Christie and their two daughters Brenna and Kynlee.

Rich Samuel

Rich Samuel


Rich Samuel began fishing on the Outer Banks in 1991. Rich is one of the most experienced mates in the offshore fleet with over twenty-five years of experience fishing in the Gulf Stream. In addition, Rich is a seasoned tournament fisherman. He has successfully competed as both a captain and a mate in tournaments in South and Central America, the Caribbean, and the United States. Rich enjoys fishing with all levels of anglers and is dedicated to making your fishing adventure the best it can be.

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