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World Class Fishing

The Outer Banks of North Carolina is a world-class fishing destination. The nearby Gulf Stream provides anglers with the opportunity to make their fishing dreams come true. The Gulf Stream is home to six different billfish, giant bluefin tuna, fast swimming wahoo, yellowfin tuna, colorful mahi mahi, and many more pelagic fish for anglers of all levels to pursue.

In the late summer and early fall, white marlin fishing can be phenomenal. It is not uncommon for boats to rack up double digit catches of these high flying acrobatic fish. If your desire is to test your skills against a real sea monster, giant bluefin tuna lurk the waters off of Oregon Inlet in February and March.

See below for the best time to fish for other targeted species.

Blue Marlin

NC State Record: 1,228lb 8oz
World Record: 1,402lb 2oz Brazil
Peak Months: Jun-Oct
Activity Range: Mar-Nov

White Marlin

NC State Record: 138lb
World Record: 181lb 14oz Brazil
Peak Months: Jul-Sep
Activity Range: Mar-Nov


NC State Record: 100lb
World Record: 142lb 6oz Angola
Peak Months: Jul-Sep
Activity Range: Mar-Nov


NC State Record: 441lb
World Record: 1,182lb Chile
Peak Months: Sep-Dec
Activity Range: Spring, Summer, Fall

Bluefin Tuna

NC State Record: 805lb
World Record: 1,496lb Nova Scotia, Canada
Peak Months: Feb-Mar
Activity Range: Dec-Apr

Bigeye Tuna

NC State Record: 311lb 8oz
World Record: 392lb 6oz Puerto Rico
Peak Months: May, Jun, Sep, Oct
Activity Range: Year Round

Yellowfin Tuna

NC State Record: 237lb
World Record: 427lb Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Peak Months: May-Nov
Activity Range: Year round

Blackfin Tuna

NC State Record: 40lb 11oz
World Record: 49lb 6oz Florida, USA
Peak Months: Apr, May, Sep, Oct
Activity Range: Mar-Nov

Mahi Mahi (Dolphin)

NC State Record: 79lb
World Record: 87lb Costa Rica
Peak Months: May-Oct
Activity Range: Mar-Nov


NC State Record: 150lb
World Record: 184lb Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Peak Months: Jul-Nov
Activity Range: Mar-Nov


NC State Record: 116lb 8oz
World Record: 135lb 9oz Australia
Peak Months: May-Jul
Activity Range: May-Jul

Fish illustrations by Duana Raver

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