Dang full moon!

It was a beautiful day on the rip. Plenty of great tuna marks on the bottom machine but unfortunately there wasn’t enough wind to fly the kite again. The moon was so bright this morning, I had to check the clock to make sure i didn’t over sleep! Fishing...


There was no wind(not complaining) to fly the kite today so we headed south looking for billfish. We ended up with a white and a sail. Saw a blue marlin that wasn’t hungry. 

Meat slam!

Tuna, mahi and wahoo. Gotta love Oregon Inlet fishing! The bite continues to be good on the kite but some days the kite does not want to cooperate! 

Choppy conditions 

The weather man was a little off today unfortunately but we caught a sailfish and had a couple trolling bites and a few kite bites. Sharks stole a few from us for lunch.